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Stanley Seet - Main Creator

"Stanley seet had been always interested in vocaloids and how they work , Eager to learn more, he decided to make his own one , and that is how , Nishimura Aoi was born"

Rachel Tan - Voice actor

"Rachel Tan has been Stanley Seet's best friend since they were 7 years old.

Tan went to the same school as Seet and they both were really close friends."

May a.k.a icymew - Art designer

"May is a talented and artistic person. She draws with passion, Being the oldest member of this project, she was well praise for her drawings. All the drawings that you see in this wiki, Is indeed drawn by her."


A little about us , Creators work.Edit

Rachel was upset that she had to be the voice actor.

Her job was to voice over a hundred of different japanese words, called 'hiragana'

those were tough days but we managed to finish it in just one day.

Stanley , had bad luck , on the day when Nishimura Aoi 2010 End of the year Demo pack was suppose to be

release , lots of bugs and glitches were happening and playing with the program called 'UTAU' his friends tried to

open the program but they couldn't get it to work, so the release has been pushed back.

May was as carefree as usual , although , she contributed ALOT. And without her, there won't be a Nishimura

Aoi here. I would like to thank her for putting in efforts.

All of us had put in ALOT of our efforts, and we hope that Nishimura Aoi will become a successful

UTAUloid/Vocaloid to the world out there.